volume control

Hi All,

In GNOME 2.18 (Ubuntu Feisty), the Keyboard Shortcuts capplet allows
you to set keys for volume control, but it only seems to control the
master volume.  My machine has a wonky soundcard and the master volume
does nothing -- I need to be able to control the PCM volume instead.
Is there any way to get the keyboard controls to change the PCM
volume, rather than the master volume?  The gnome-volume-control
applet can be configured this way, and it works fine, but I'd really
like the keyboard controls to work too.

Any suggestions?  Pointers to bugzilla bugs would be useful too.

Ben Steeves                               ben steeves unb ca
                                         GTalk: ben.steeves
http://www.metacon.ca/bcs                 GPG ID: 0xB3EBF1D9

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