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Graeme Nichols wrote:
> I am running FC6 and for the first time since I was running RH6 I
> want to play videos and audio files.

How do you survive without audio? :)

> My experience with sound and linux has been very negative so I have
> never bothered and consequently I have no knowledge of the subject.

It's not so bad.  Patents and other proprietary things make it more
difficult than it should be though.

> In FC6 Totem seems to be a front end for gstreamer and all the necessary
> gstreamer bits and pieces have been installed.
> Can someone please tell me which video and audio formats that Totem can
> play?

That depends entirely on what gstreamer plugins you have installed.
By default, Fedora doesn't come with any plugins that have patent or
license issues (e.g. mp3, wmv, etc)

> Which video and audio formats it cannot play and if there are
> plugins available that will enable Totem to play them?
> Two that I have discovered it cannot play are mp3 and wmv saying
> that possibly a plugin is needed.
> I cannot find any information on plugins, how to obtain them, how to
> install them etc. anywhere.

Google turns up numerous links when searching for fedora totem mp3.
Here's one that seems reasonable:


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