I am unsure if this is the correct place to ask questions on Totem. If it isn't then please ignore.

I am running FC6 and for the first time since I was running RH6 I want to play videos and audio files.
My experience with sound and linux has been very negative so I have never bothered and consequently I
have no knowledge of the subject.

In FC6 Totem seems to be a front end for gstreamer and all the necessary gstreamer bits and pieces have been installed.

Can someone please tell me which video and audio formats that Totem can play?
Which video and audio formats it cannot play and if there are plugins available that will enable Totem to play them?

Two that I have discovered it cannot play are mp3 and wmv saying that possibly a plugin is needed.

I cannot find any information on plugins, how to obtain them, how to install them etc. anywhere.


Kind Regards,


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