How to shutdown from the log-out panel

Hi gnomers,

someone knows how to configure the panel log-out applet to show a
dialog where appears the shutdown option?

This should be possible, since I had that possibility until yesterday
when I killed the applet then re-added it to the panel, and I can't
remember how I setted it before.

I don't want to have two separate applets, one for the session log-out
and one for the system shutdown, but just one applet which asks for
the type of logout required (system shut-down or boot, session logout
etc.), when actually the logout applet only shows the following
* Log Out
* Switch User
* Cancel

I googled around with no luck, and a quick session with gconf-editor
didn't help too.

Thanks in advance.
Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see

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