Re: Strange Nautilus association for *.flv files

On Dec 28, 2007 11:14 AM, Randy J. Ray <rjray blackperl com> wrote:
> Somehow, Nautilus has gotten in in its head to open *.flv (Flash video) files
> with Amarok. Amarok will play the audio, but not the video. It used to default
> to totem (which is what it should use). I've been all over GConf, and even gone
> through the various config files under dot-directories, and cannot find the
> place where Nautilus has anything associated with Amarok. Any idea where I
> should be looking, in order to change/fix this?

"Right click -> Properties -> Open With tab" or "right click -> Open
with Other Application".

If it doesn't work, look in your ~/.local/share/mime or
~/.local/share/application dirs...


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