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You were absolutely correct. I tried the nautilus command and it just hung. Then I checked to see if it was happening for other users and it was. I was using up2date to update packages a few at a time from the fresh install of FC3. I must have either corrupted some of its’ dependencies, or messed something up while setting up VNC. Either way, I set it to download / install all updates over night and re-logged in this morning, and boom, desktop had been restored.


Thank you much for the insight, pointed me into the right direction. I am very new to gnome and am starting to really love the jump from windows to Linux.




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Sounds like your nautilus is broken. Nautilus is to gnome what explorer is to windows. It manages your desktop to.
When faced with a problem regarding the desktop and browsing files it is most likely your nautilus installation is broken in some way.

Open up a terminal and type: nautilus [enter]

Please post errors (if any)

ps is it broken for all users?

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I am new to the Gnome desktop environment. I have recently installed Fedora 3. Things appeared to have went smoothly, until I noticed that the wallpaper is no longer showing and the icons for home, trash, and My Computer have disappeared. Also, the file manager will not startup. After multiple reboots etc, I have yet to figure out what has happened to them. Is there any log files that would be useful anywhere to see if they are loading correctly after boot? I have looked thru a handful of logs and have not seen any problems. I guess I am at a loss as of right now as to where to look next. Any direction would be invaluable.


Eric Wright

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