Reset Nautilus Configuration

I cannot currently drag-and-drop in nautilus. Attempting to do so locks
up the interface so that I can't click on anything, and hot-keys
(eg Alt-F1) don't work. Switching to a console and running "killall -9
nautilus") resolves the problem, but restarts nautilus. Drag-and-drop
works fine for other users on the same machine. 
I would like to know how to 'reset' nautilus' configuration data. I have
tried logging out then deleting the .gconf, .nautilus and .gconfd
directories. However, the problem remains, even after rebooting. 
System: Celeron 1200MHz, 512MB RAM, IDE HDD 80GB, Gnome 2.10, Debian
I can find no references to this sort of problem on google. Does anybody
have any ideas?

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