Re: Make GNOME aware of custom URI Scheme

On Fri, 2006-12-08 at 11:13 -0500, David Turvene wrote:
> Greetings -
> I am trying to add a custom URI Scheme, "idoc:<label>" for internal use
> on our Fedora/Firefox/GNOME based computers.  I have added a url-handler
> definition to GNOME using "gconftool-2" with a command calling
> gnome-helper.  Based on my research, I recognize proprietary URI schemes
> are a "bad thing", but it solves my requirements for an internal
> feature.
> What happens is gnome-helper doesn't seem to recognize that "idoc:" is a
> URI scheme, so it keeps calling something in the GNOME API to resolve
> it, which in turn calls gnome-helper.  I get a very quick burst of
> gnome-helper windows before killing the X session.  
> So I wrapped the call to gnome-helper inside a script which removes the
> "idoc:" scheme before passing the <label> to gnome-helper.  This works
> fine.  However, in researching the problem I see that "doc:", "info:",
> "ghelp:", etc. are recognized schemes and handled as such by
> gnome-helper.  GNOME is a really nice environment, so it bothers me when
> I have to circumvent it.
> How do I set up GNOME to recognize a proprietary scheme? I searched
> through the GNOME archives and found a number of tangential references
> to this - some getting pretty wacky - but no recipe.

I don't understand.  Are you sending the idoc URIs to
gnome-help (i.e. yelp)?  It seems that you have managed
to introduce the URI scheme to GNOME in general, as the
program you've specified is being called for those URIs.

The program you're sending the URIs to simply doesn't
understand those URIs.  How are you expecting that to


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