Manpages and info pages in Gnome Help?

I am using Debian Sarge with Gnome 2.8 on a P4.

Some time ago I had Debian Woody installed, with a backport of a more
recent Gnome.

In the Woody system, IIRC, I could access all the manpages and info
pages in the system using the Gnome help browser launched by the Help
icon on the Applications menu of the desktop.

Now with Sarge it seems that Gnome Help (yelp 2.6.5) doesn't do that any

Is this the same for everyone, or do I have a configuration problem?

I have searched linux.debian.user and gnome-list and can't find any
mention of this issue.  I did find mention of the fact that Gnome Help
now uses a Gecko-based browser.   Was the old browser abandoned, and
with it, the capability to browse info pages and manpages?

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