problems with fonts in gnome-2.12.0

I have installed gnome-2.12.0 using garnome. I logged out and logged in again and i find my fonts have changed. I am now getting mandrake default fonts with gnome. Currently these are my fonts --

application font : Sans 11
Desktop font :  Sans 12
Window title font: Sans Bold 11
Terminal font : Monospace 11

As far as i remember these were the fonts that were there earlier also. But still the fonts that i m seeing after installing the new gnome seems to be different.

How do i get back my original fonts.

Secondly,  How do i get the default file type associations for nautilus. This seemed to be the problem with previous versions as well. I mean I used to have some default file type associations with nautilus like gedit for text files etc when i had installed fedora core 2 ( now i have upgraded to fc3 ). How do i restore those file type associations for the current nautilus. Currently I always have to associate an application for every new file type.

Third, Can anyone suggest me some good themes that i can try. I know there are lots of them on, but I have not been able to select even a single decent one. I also had problems installing themes from that site, so I gave up and I stick with the default.

The new version (2.12.0) is really nice except for that font thing. This version is a lot stable and I get a good feel. Keep up the good work.

If anyone can help me with these problems, I would really be thankful to him/her.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks a lot

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