Re: How can I set enviroment variable before normal session login?

Rocky Zhang wrote:


I am using FC3 with Gnome 2.10.  I want to set ESPEAKER from "localhost"
to "hostname:10800" (tcp/ip port socket). But I can't make it work.
After normal session login, I launch gnome-sound-properties, the sound
still goes to hw:0 (onboard audio). I use "cat /proc/[gnome-sound-
properties process id]/enviroment", the $ESPEAKER is still "localhost".
I tested /etc/profile.d/*.sh, /usr/share/gnome/default.session,
~/.bashrc, use gnome-session-properties; Neither of them works.

Any idea about it?
I think that on FC3, /etc/X11/Xsession will be read on default login = GNOME session. Also, that file sources files in a similar manner as the shell startup files do with /etc/profile.d, as far as I can recall - but I forget the actual file name conventions. You should be able to find out by inspecting Xsession...



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