Re: Switch Users Windows XP style

On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 07:37 -0400, Vasiliy Gagin wrote:
> How to do this in GNOME? Instead of going to commomn login screen by
> timeout it just demands the password for last user. So when my
> daugther forgot to logout my wife can not login. So do we have to
> manually logout every time enybody else whant to use computer.

I have the fast-user-switch-applet installed (I use ubuntu and it's in
the hoary-backports). It is a panel applet that provides you a list of
users on the system and lets you selecet between them. If they are
logged in, then it switching to their desktop, if not, it lets them log

Also, xscreensaver can now launch a new login when locked, which is

If those features aren't in Fedora yet, there's still
Applications/System Tools/New Login, which has been around for a while.
That will, however, require an unlocked screensaver to launch.

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