Switch Users Windows XP style

I insalled Fedora Core 4 on a family computer. Before that we used Windows XP.
I believe Fedora comes with GNOME 2.10.
I have 3 users on the computer. Widows XP allows each user to run
session "concurrently". After current user leaves computer unattended
for some time Windows will go back to commom login screen so any user
can relogin into his existing session.

How to do this in GNOME? Instead of going to commomn login screen by
timeout it just demands the password for last user. So when my
daugther forgot to logout my wife can not login. So do we have to
manually logout every time enybody else whant to use computer.

I tryed "System Tools --> New Login" program, but it does not help
eather. Instead of logging out every time I would manually start this
New Login program. So somebody else can login. But as soon as that
somebody else will click "Quit" button computer will be back to
Screensaver screen which will ask for my password. So the only way for
my wife to use comupter is to hard restart it.

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