Re: Switch Users Windows XP style

Thank you,

I guess I'm paranoid as many people. My teen daughter would not like
me to see what she is doing online, and I would not like her to login
somewhere online under my credintials which are stored in browser.

On 7/27/05, Sebastiaan Samyn <sebastiaan samyn pandora be> wrote:
> > I tryed "System Tools --> New Login" program, but it does not help
> > eather. Instead of logging out every time I would manually start this
> > New Login program. So somebody else can login. But as soon as that
> > somebody else will click "Quit" button computer will be back to
> > Screensaver screen which will ask for my password. So the only way for
> > my wife to use comupter is to hard restart it.
> if you are not too paranoid, you could just turn off the "Lock screen
> after ..." option in the xscreensaver config (workplace -> preferences
> -> screensaver).
> grtz,
> Sebastiaan

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