Running GNOME apps on remote X display


I have 2 computers, both running debian/unstable, both have GNOME2.
I'm using one of them locally, and I connect to another one over SSH
with X forwarding.

Now, if I run GNOME on local computer, and I try to run a GNOME app
(like gedit) on remote computer over SSH, it runs on my local display
using LOCAL theme. How does remote computer discover which theme I use
on my local computer?

Second question. If I don't run GNOME on my local computer. Let's say I
run TWM, or just plain X with a terminal and no window manager. I
connect to remote computer over SSH, and run a GNOME app. It runs using
default theme and default fonts (probably because local computer doesn't
run GNOME). But how do I run remote GNOME applications from non-GNOME
environment using some other theme (let's say I set that theme up on
remote computer) and/or other fonts. How do I do that?

P.S. I'm not subscribed to this mailing list, so please CC me.

Teofilis Martisius

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