Re: Metacity first window placing

Ryan McDougall wrote:
I only have the vaguest idea about sloppy focus, but after playing with
the Windows preferences I can't replicate. Every windows appears top-
left. I'm in FC3, so it might be a Warty thing.

Hm, maybe Warty patched metacity somehow, don't know. Can you post your config, to exclude it is something runtime-configurable.

Here are my contents of ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/general/%gconf.xml (fontified):
application_based= false
disable_workarounds= true
action_double_click_titlebar= toggle_maximize
titlebar_uses_system_font= false
titlebar_font= Sans Bold 9
audible_bell= false
visual_bell= false
theme= Mist
num_workspaces= 5
focus_mode= sloppy


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