Re: Bug Report Personnel Issues

Hi All,

This is a little annoying having this posted twice to a public mailing
list. I understand that there was an insult but it was a private
personal insult and I do not see it as necessary for the rest of the
world to be involved. We all make mistakes and the person this email
regards has already apologised and stated his reasons for being a little
hasty in his reply to this bug report.

Developers these days are too often treated badly.. Can I just say that
I appreciate the hard work done by all developers. I truly love the
Gnome desktop and its utilities, it's a great environment..


On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 11:26 -0800, D. Cooper Stevenson wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> I just wanted to write to let you know that your coments regarding bug
> id# 165729 were totally un-called for. Please see below. 
> When one starts the Desklets applet a dialog box asks to inform the
> GNOME developers of the error. She was just sending the report to help
> you.
> Now she's crying thanks to you.
> My wife has contributed a lot of artwork to various OSS projects that
> needed it. She's not asking for a metal, just a little courtesy.
> I expect you to make a full apology to my wife. You may email her at
> linuxpeach at linuxpeach dot com.
> By way of Cc:'ng the mailing list I ask if there is a way that we may
> prevent this kind of behavior in the future for the good of the
> community and it's users:
> ------- Additional Comments From Christian Meyer  2005-01-30 13:50
> ------- 
> You call this a bug report?
> Closing -- INCOMPLETE
> Provide a more useful one next time...thanks for wasting our time.
> gDesklets can't crash, because it's python code, your bindings are broken most
> likely.
> Regards,
> Cooper Stevenson
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