Re: suggestions for gnome

Am Dienstag, den 01.02.2005, 02:15 -0600 schrieb Shaun McCance:
> On Tue, 2005-02-01 at 03:04 +0100, Rudolf Schmidt wrote:
> > 2. its possible to set gnome that its allowed to change the windowsize
> > with alt+mousebutton right? it would be more comfortable for the user if
> > he has the possibilty to realize this.
> Open the Window Preferences dialog from the desktop Preferences menu.
> You should see a "Movement Key" setting, which is usually set to Super
> by default.  Set it to Alt if you like, although it might conflict with
> some applications.
> When you hold the modifier key, left drag will move, middle drag will
> resize, and right drag will bring up the window menu.  There is no way
> to make the right mouse button responsible for resizing.
> --
> Shaun
its too bad! but it can help me a little bit. thx very much for your
answer. it would be nice if the devels of gnome could coding a option to
set this.

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