Re: Starting and stopping gnome

From: "Telsa Gwynne" <hobbit aloss ukuu org uk>
> Good for you, but the original poster was asking about Red Hat.
> Debian and Red Hat start X differently. I was quite careful to
> mention that distros vary in the original email.

that's why i asked ;-) or better : i offered a solution that may work on rh
as iam not very familiar with this distro ...

> Because the question was about Red Hat and on Red Hat there is a
> tool to do it for you. Further, whilst RH will recognise and use
> ~/.xinitrc if there, it prefers ~/.Xclients as far as I know.

... which seems to be the same as xinitrc ;-)

> Finally, there is one more trick which avoids any of this. Apparently
> you can tell grub (default boot-loader for RH and Fedora; I am not
> sure this is the case on Debian) "3" or "5" and get it to boot to
> that run-level. You can even set it up to offer you the choice.

my idea was not to change the runlevel .. not by editing inittab nor using
.. and bootloader on debian is lilo ;-)
all in all just an idea to solute a problem the original poster had


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