Re: Starting and stopping gnome

On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 06:03:16PM +0200 or thereabouts, David Joza wrote:
> From: "Telsa Gwynne" <hobbit aloss ukuu org uk>
> > Change the 5 to a 3 (or to whatever is described as "full multiuser
> > mode" in the comments above the line). And then reboot and log in
> > at the text prompt.
> wouldn't it be easier just to delete the Start & Stop scripts from
> rcX.d-directories ? this is the solution i used to stop graphical 
> login in debian ...

Good for you, but the original poster was asking about Red Hat.
Debian and Red Hat start X differently. I was quite careful to
mention that distros vary in the original email. 

> > desktop is Gnome, so you should get Gnome starting. If you
> > get something else, go looking amount the commands for something
> > called something like "switchdesk" and run that to tell it you
> > want Gnome always (or until the next time you change it :))
> and another question ... why not editing $HOME/.xinitrc to define the users
> default client ?

Because the question was about Red Hat and on Red Hat there is a
tool to do it for you. Further, whilst RH will recognise and use 
~/.xinitrc if there, it prefers ~/.Xclients as far as I know.

Finally, there is one more trick which avoids any of this. Apparently
you can tell grub (default boot-loader for RH and Fedora; I am not
sure this is the case on Debian) "3" or "5" and get it to boot to 
that run-level. You can even set it up to offer you the choice.


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