New user, problem with Gnome Desktop manager.

Hi all

First of all I am not a subscriber to this list so please reply

I was writing a simple gameserver in windows and was asked to port
it to GNU platforms using gcc which i am familary to. My choise when
selecting a package was Debian and when installed I chosed desktop
environment together whith c/c++ developer pakage. The installation
went quite well but I am a user who dont like safety becouse I am
usually locking my self out. Therefore I didn't create another account
other than the mandatory root. The problem arised when I the next
morning started the linux machine, it went right into the desktop
which refused me to log in as root. With no other account available I
had to log in from a remote machine using PuTTY. Kill the gdm process
go back to the linux machine again and log in as root and then startx.

How can I prevent that Gnome Desktop Manager from starting up?
I which script or where ever it could be? I have tried all the usual
from the log in screen but no progress. I am qiute happy with starting
the server manually but have to log in from remote to kill a process
like overkill to me.

Any help with a simple solution is very welcome.

Jonny Fransson

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