Re: How to get traditional Chinese characters working under Gnome + Debian?

Andrei Badea wrote:
I know nothing about Chinese fonts, so I can't help you with that. However, if you want to learn about how fonts are configured in GTK2 programs, have a look at Fontconfig documentation ( This is the program that maps names like "Sans" or "Bitstream Vera Sans" to real fonts. Its config files are in /etc/fonts. Don't modify fonts.conf, only make changes to local.conf.

In the default local.conf installed by the fontconfig package in Debian there is a commented section that you have to uncomment in order for fontconfig to "see" bitmapped fonts. Have a look there, maybe uncommenting this will help you with the Chinese characters.

Aha! It was that simple. I didn't even have to modify any config files by hand, there's a debconf question asking exactly that, just dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig. Thanks!

The fontconfig documentation is interesting, although my actual problem was pretty simple. I did manage to find a couple of general "fonts under unix" FAQs online, but none of them talk about fontserver or GTK :-(


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