Re: New user, problem with Gnome Desktop manager.

On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 05:32:20PM +0200, Jonny Fransson wrote:
> First of all I am not a subscriber to this list so please reply
> personally.

I'm cc:ing you, but in general your behavior is rude.

> I was writing a simple gameserver in windows and was asked to port
> it to GNU platforms using gcc which i am familary to. My choise when
> selecting a package was Debian and when installed I chosed desktop
> environment together whith c/c++ developer pakage. The installation
> went quite well but I am a user who dont like safety becouse I am
> usually locking my self out. Therefore I didn't create another account
> other than the mandatory root.

Then you are not a competent developer. How will you recognize
permission problems if you always run as root?

> How can I prevent that Gnome Desktop Manager from starting up?
> I which script or where ever it could be? I have tried all the usual
> way's
> from the log in screen but no progress. I am qiute happy with starting
> the server manually but have to log in from remote to kill a process
> seem
> like overkill to me.

You could have hit ctrl-alt-F1 to go to the first virtual

The script for starting gdm is in /etc/init.d/; it is linked to
your runlevel -- in this case, /etc/rc3.d, almost certainly --
in the form S##gdm.

You could stop it by running /etc/init.d/gdm stop
You can remove it from this runlevel by deleting the link in
You can remove the package entirely with apt-get remove gdm

You can create a proper user with adduser, and apt-get install
sudo and configure that so that super-user privileges are
available to your user simply by prefacing the command with sudo 
and typing your own password when requested.


> Any help with a simple solution is very welcome.
> Jonny Fransson
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