Re: [Fwd: How to get error console printouts to file with gdm?] SOLVED

ti, 2004-09-21 kello 02:46, George kirjoitti:
> On Sun, Aug 29, 2004 at 12:27:38AM +0300, Sami Teemu Pesonen wrote:
> > do you know answer for my question related to gdm and console printout
> > logging to file? It is important in testing of Gnome.
> GDM does redirect to ~/.xsession-errors unless it finds a reason not to (for
> some reason it may think the home directory is unsafe to write to).  In this
> case output is redirected to /tmp, though I can't remember the exact
> filename.  It's the same filename format that redhat will choose in such
> cases.  For failsafe sessions, this is done automatically as the home dir is
> assumed to not be safe in that case.  I think it's something like
> /tmp/xses-something or some such.

Ah, thanks there it was (in /tmp/xses-username.something ). I didn't
find any hint about this from documentation. This was what I were
looking for. 

> /var/log/gdm is only for the X server output not for user session output.

Ok, now I know that also. cc:ing gnome-list also so that people will

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