A good practical GNOME book

Hello: I was at the GNOME site which is very confusing to me so I do not know if I am on the right place but anyway I tell my story. I have Mr. B. Pfaffenberger "Mastering GNOME" book which is not to useful with RedHat 9.0 LINUX. Yes, I have knowledge about things with GNOME but not about the latest version and I am not a developer so M. Warkus "The official GNOME 2 Developer Guide" is not to useful to me. I would like to setup, change and modify things on the desktop just like KDE editor let me do it but how? Can you recommend a similar updated book like "Mastering GNOME" or where should I look for a practical up to date literature which is not for developer? If I am on the wrong place please direct me to the right one.
Bill Silagi
billdevlp aol com

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