simultaneous user logon: icons

I've installed a very pleasing mini-lab in the library
at the school I teach at. I'm very impressed with
gnome 2.6. One of the PC's is much more powerful than
the other four, so I enabled xdmcp on it and have
configured the slower machines to automatically
connect to it using their gdm.conf. Works great.

I only want these machines for internet kiosks
(although this *may* change) and have configured the
best machine (which is effectively all machines) to
automatically login as "user" on boot.

The first works fine, but the others, which are all
logging on as the same "user", do not get icons (just
a piece of folded corner paper icon).

Is the only solution to stop automatic logon, and have
a user log in using "user1", "user2", etc? It's not
quite a slick as going straight to a desktop.

How do others do it?



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