"Browse folder" as open (double click) action?

I'm testing GNOME 2.6 for the first time, after upgrading to Fedora Core 2... One change I notice right away is that there's now a distinction between "browse folder" and normal "file view" or "file manager". And I'm not sure I like it. To a certain degree, I can see that it may be good to have a file view free from the space requirements and (possibly) confusing GUI elements introduced by the navigation buttons, location bar, side panel etc, but:

  1. Is it really a good idea to have two separate directory viewers,
     if a straight-forward interface without unnecessary options is
     what we want? Won't the fact that there are two slightly different
     views into the filesystem just confuse most users?
  2. I absolutely detest the way the file manager will open a new
     window every time I enter a new folder.

So, is there a way to get the "browse folder" functionality, or if you like, old-style Nautilus window, as default open/double-click action? (Yeah, I know it can be accessed via the context menu, but double-click is really a lot more convenient.) If not, can I get the simplified file manager view to re-use the window when entering folders + possibly present a "parent directory" icon (or "Place" entry)?

- Toralf

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