Re: Launch bash script using desktop icon?

On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 06:02:33PM +0100 or thereabouts, Esther Parrilla Endrino wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have created a desktop icon in my $HOME/.gnome-desktop folder that
> launches a bash shell script, the code inside the *.desktop file is
> something like:
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=dummy 
> Comment=dummy Script 
> Exec=/home/foo/
> Type=Application
> When I double click the icon in my desktop it does nothing!
> I have tried too to create the icon not manually but using the desktop
> options to create a new launcher and it does not work either...
> Is not possible to launch scripts from de Gnome desktop icons? Just
> binary executable files such as /usr/bin/mozilla?

You can certainly launch scripts from panel launchers. I have
not tried from desktop icons. But panel launchers: yes. I 
used to do this a lot. But does your script contain relative 
pathnames? If so:

Exec=cd /home/foo; ./

I did something like this when I was playing with Mozilla
nightlies which were installed somewhere not on my path.
"/path/to/directory/" didn't work. "cd /path/to/directory;
./" did.

Except that I don't remember whether I used a ; or a && or 
put the whole lot into () marks. You may have to play around
with that aspect. 

But it was something like that :) 


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