Re: I want to be able to type in the filename...

> > > > Can I change the GNOME fileselector behaviour so that I can type in the
> > > > filename?
> > > > This is a lot faster and (ahem) *user friendlier* if you know in advance
> > > > what you are looking for...
> > > I have to second that. Also, how can i access files that are on an
> > > automounted (nonbrowsable) directory?

I've never met an automounter that behaved that way;  my experience has 
always been: slight hesitation, files and folder appear.

> > We don't want to display path names.  Having to understand the magic /
> > character (I know at least 6 people that call that "backslash") sucks.

I completely 100% agree.  I'm a UNIX administrator for the past 10+ years, 
have been using Linux since 0.99a (Iggdrasil).  I just want to say I think 
the new GNOME file selector dialog is AWESOME!  A fantastic piece of work 
that presents a great deal of functionality in a conscise and clear 
manner. Simply wonderful.

> I think it could be done in a way that means you don't *have to* understand
> it.
> Making life harder for the people who understand what it means because some
> don't is what sucks, IMO. And I mean that as a general remark.

Sometimes even old wizards need to adopt new ways of approaching a 
> Remember that "user friendly" doesn't (or shouldn't) mean only "easy to learn"
> or "usable for the casual user." It  also means "allowing experienced users to
> operate efficiently".

If experienced users are willing to evolve with the system.

At some point I said to myself: "Yes, the command line is great; but the 
world is changing.  I'm going to use these new tools;  I'm going to keep 
my notes in Open Office, not VI; I'm going to manage files in Nautilus and 
learn how its views work, etc..."  It was 'what-the-*&@&^(&*%$' for 
awhile,  but now I'm convinced those developers actually know what they 
are doing.

> > The file selector has autocomplete, you don't need the full file entry
> > in most cases.  When you do, use ctrl-f.  It works, and it doesn't
> > require shoving more widgets into the main selector UI.
> > As for automounting, if you can't browse to the target directory, your
> > automounter is broken.  There should be empty folders that expand into
> > the full automounted tree when accessed.  If you are using an
> > automounter that can't do that, then make symlinks (i.e., /some-server
> > > > /some-server.mount).  I used to do that with an old, old system so I
> > could tab-complete from the shell to automounted directories.

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