Re: I want to be able to type in the filename...

Gábor Farkas wrote:

Toralf Lund wrote:

Sean Middleditch wrote:

On Sat, 2004-12-11 at 19:25 +0100, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
Toralf Lund wrote:
Can I change the GNOME fileselector behaviour so that I can type in the filename?

This is a lot faster and (ahem) *user friendlier* if you know in advance what you are looking for...

I have to second that. Also, how can i access files that are on an automounted (nonbrowsable) directory?

We don't want to display path names.  Having to understand the magic /
character (I know at least 6 people that call that "backslash") sucks.
I think it could be done in a way that means you don't *have to* understand it.

Making life harder for the people who understand what it means because some don't is what sucks, IMO. And I mean that as a general remark.

Remember that "user friendly" doesn't (or shouldn't) mean only "easy to learn" or "usable for the casual user." It also means "allowing experienced users to operate efficiently".

hmmm..somehow for me it seems gnome becomes less and less the ideal environment for developers... i wonder why..

it seems that now it's more important to gain new users than to keep old ones .. or things like that..

with all this focusing-on-the-not-advanced (read: one who understand what filesystem means) users, gnome is getting harder (slower, more cumbersome,inefficient) to use for experienced users (like programmers).

Exactly. I'm not only talking about programmers, by the way, but also people like the "regular users" I come across at work. They are people who usually don't have a technical education, or a special interest in computers, but they do use them every day, and certainly know the basics of how a filesystem works, among other things.

don't get me wrong.

i love for example all the simplification attempts...

Quite. I actually believe in keeping things simple, and simplifications can definitely make the UI more efficient for experienced people, too.

but imho things should be improved in a way that does not make more experienced users slower. for example: why do i have to use the file-selector more inefficiently, just because i know what is a filesystem?

I concur.

- Toralf

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