Re: gnome menus

bruce tesla rcub bg ac yu wrote:
talking seconds here, but it's quite visible.  Generally when the mouse
is on a selection that contains another menu.  When you move to a
different selection, it takes quite a while for that menu to go away and
the other to appear.  Does anyone else see this?  I don't discount the
possibility my problem is wm related.

  I don't think that discussing 'hidden politics' behind such questions
would help solve anyone's problem.  I've been using Gnome for quite a
while and, frankly, have always preferred it over KDE both in
performance and visual aspects.  But that is just my opinion, and I wish
Gnome had as wide software base as KDE does.
  To address the menu issue: do menus take long to open only when
displayed for the first time, or is there some problem with caching?

As I just noted to another poster, the 'problem' seems to have gone away now. I can't seem to replicate it right now, thus you may be correct, although I doubt it as I leave my box up 24x7 and see this problem now and again. Then again I don't use the menu all that much either. It's one of those things that you notice when it happens, but aren't apparently aware when it doesn't it. Humans, always complaining, never appreciating the good things in life. :)

Which distribution/Gnome version are you using?  Maybe it's just me, but
when I've switched to hand-compiled Gnome 2.6, everything started
working like clockwork. :)

On this box it's SuSE 9.0, with Gnome 2.2.2, so I might look at building it from a newer version.

Until later, Geoffrey       Registered Linux User #108567
                            AT&T Certified UNIX System Programmer - 1995

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