Re: Remove clock from Gnome top panel...

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 22:23:13 -0700 (PDT), Keith Doyle
<guru syncopator com> wrote:
> Anyone know how to remove the clock from the right hand side of the
> top panel, or at least configure it so that it won't respond to mouse
> clicks?  It's right where the close box is for browser windows so when
> I overshoot I end up pulling up the calendar which itself has no close
> box so I struggle with making it go away and it's really annoying...

I don't know about preventing it from responding to mouse clicks, but
you can move the clock to another location in the panel or remove it
completely.  The clock applet may be locked in place - to unlock it
right click on the clock and select unlock.

Once the clock is unlocked you can remove it by right clicking and
selecting "remove from panel".  To move the clock, click and hold the
middle mouse button on the clock and move the mouse left or right
until the clock is in the desired position.

If you want to add the clock back later you can right click on an
empty area of the panel and select "Add to panel", then "Accessories",
and finally "Clock".

> I'm assuming that Gnome is what's determining this, as when I right-click
> on the top panel it says "About GNOME" which led me to believe the
> top panel is a Gnome thing and not something independent.  Excuse me if
> this is not the right forum for such questions...

Yes, this is a Gnome thing.  If you are interested in learning more try:


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