Re: Application icon on window list applet in Gnome desktop

On Wed, 2004-25-08 at 15:15 -0400, Qihua Wang wrote:
> Hi,
> Application listed on window list applet has icon on the left side and window title text occupies the rest of the space.
> For some applications, the icons are shown as blank square as default.
> Does anybody know how to set the icon with your application so that the icon is shown on the window list applet.
> I have an application developed in Java, I have minimized icon for it, it runs on CDE or openwin desktop on Solaris shown the 
> minimized icon perfectly. But switch to gnome, the icon doesn't show on the window list applet.
> Thanks!
> -Qihua

AFAIK this has to be done at the window manager level. Take a look at
libWNCK? Not sure how Java handles this.


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