Re: All terminal windows close

On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 10:44 -0700, Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> Since getting my new laptop with an Alps touchpad, I've had 
> gnome-terminal crash complete (all windows and almost all children of 
> the associated shells disappear) several dozen times.  

All windows die in such Bachian harmony because they share the same

> I am 100% certain 
> it has to do with a selections bug in my case, because the touchpad on 
> my Compaq R3000T is located off-center, and has a dedicated scrolling 
> region.  Unfortunately, the scroll region is handled solely in software, 
> as are various anti-palming measures (unlike the Synaptics pads which 
> afaict can do that in hardware, and retain their settings from Windows 
> while running Linux).
> Basically, inadvertant operation of the touchpad causes my mouse to go 
> all over the place at the most inconvenient times, frequently starting 
> applications from the panel, and somewhat less frequently causing a 
> complete crash of gnome-terminal by way of some as-yet-unidentified 
> sequence of selections.
> I would love some suggestions on how I can debug this (bug-buddy came up 
>   the first time only, and the report I type in never made it off my 
> machine for some reason), and how I might solve the problems with this 
> Alps touchpad so my other problems go away.

It is rather strange that bug-buddy does not pop up on you with each

You can run the terminal from within a a gdb session. This will make it
run considerably slower, though; having some specific sequence of steps
which will cause the crash would be therefore very useful.

General instructions to get a stack trace can be found at
While debugging the terminal, it should be noted that you need to pass
the --disable-factory command line argument if you are running another
terminal. A typical gdb session might look like:

        gdb gnome-terminal
        set args --disable-factory
        <use the terminal 'normally' until it crashes/>
        bt full
The 'bt full' line will give you a rather biggish blurb, which you
should paste onto a bug report on bugzilla <>.
If you do not have gnome-terminal and/or vte compiled with debugging
symbols, the information will be less useful, yet not useless.


-- m

PS: /me stays away from anything with the name of Alps now...

Mariano Suárez-Alvarez <msuarezalvarez arnet com ar>

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