Gnome 2 (under Solaris 9) and font size for Netscape 7

Dear all,
we are running Gnome 2 (downloaded from Sun's Download Center)
under Solaris 9.

1. Under $USER_HOME/.dt/sessionslogs/hostname_DISPLAY=:0
  there are messages like:
  Unable to open desktop file applications:///netscape.desktop
  for panel launcher: Error reading file 'applications:///netscape.desktop':
  File not found
  From where does this message come?

2. Using Netscape 7 within the Gnome desktop the letters of the menu buttons
  i.e. File Edit View Go Boomarks Tools Window Help and so on ... are very
  Is there any way to increase these letter (font) sizes?

Many thanks for your help!

Rainer Blaes EADS ST, Bremen (Germany)

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