Re: All terminal windows close

Telsa Gwynne wrote:
Anybody else come across something like this?

Never that I can think of.
I wondered at first if there was something in the listing which
is acting as a sequence of control characters (or whatever the
proper term is) on ssh. But if that was the case, then I would
expect just your ssh session to die. Not your gnome-terminal too.

Since getting my new laptop with an Alps touchpad, I've had gnome-terminal crash complete (all windows and almost all children of the associated shells disappear) several dozen times. I am 100% certain it has to do with a selections bug in my case, because the touchpad on my Compaq R3000T is located off-center, and has a dedicated scrolling region. Unfortunately, the scroll region is handled solely in software, as are various anti-palming measures (unlike the Synaptics pads which afaict can do that in hardware, and retain their settings from Windows while running Linux).

Basically, inadvertant operation of the touchpad causes my mouse to go all over the place at the most inconvenient times, frequently starting applications from the panel, and somewhat less frequently causing a complete crash of gnome-terminal by way of some as-yet-unidentified sequence of selections.

I would love some suggestions on how I can debug this (bug-buddy came up the first time only, and the report I type in never made it off my machine for some reason), and how I might solve the problems with this Alps touchpad so my other problems go away.


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