Re: Metacity behavior when moving windows

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 18:04, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 00:36, Leonardo Boiko wrote:
> > I'm installing a LTSP network in a small news agency.  It's the
> > classical thin client setup; their machines can't run newer versions
> > of that popular OS and they're drowning under spam, viroses, etc.
> > 
> > We're using Gnome 2.4 as UI and I must say I'm impressed.  The system
> > is beautiful, intuitive, usable and well internationalized.  However,
> > I have a major complaint about Metacity.
> > 
> > I don't know about other countries, but in Brazil the most common
> > resolution is 800x600, followed by 640x480.  GNU systems are
> > attractive for giving value to these old PCs.  I understand the
> > reasons for keeping windows below the top border, but that makes the
> > WM unusable in our displays.  Most dialog boxes have the buttons in
> > the bottom, and they stay off-screen.  Since you can't move windows
> > up, you can't even see the buttons.
> > 
> > It's a shame, because Metacity would be perfect for this environment.
> > I'll be forced to use Sawfish, and as much as I like it, I wouldn't
> > like to expose its complexity to the already confused users.
> The real problem here is that the programs which make dialog boxes that
> big are broken (particularly *dialog* boxes). You really need to file
> bugs against those programs as you find them.
> Things should work on 640x480 displays. I suspect there are some
> applications in GNOME that cannot fit all of there widgets into a window
> that small, but again, that screams out for a redesign.
> If an application requests a certain window size from the window
> manager, it is meant to pay attention to the values it gets back from
> the call, which is the size the window manager has assigned them.
> Programs that do not do this and assume your monitor is some number of
> pixels tall where some number is "700" or something are broken.
> As a workaround solution in the interim, you can temporarily move your
> panel to the side of the screen (just click on it and drag it to the
> side) when such a broken application is running. In this way, you can
> move the application vertically as much as you like.
> Cheers,
> Malcolm

I have done a little investigation, and I think a large part of the
problem could be the opposite to what leonardo says

IMO the top panel is behaving properly ie: when not in autohide mode
windows cannot occuppy the same space, however windows when not
maximised can be below the bottom  panel, to the right and left of
viewable area

IMO this should just not happen in a standard config, the screen area
should contain all windows, and the screen area should be reduced in
non-autohiding panels are there


(BTW -  I think if everything is maximised the problem is reduced)
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