Re: How to port applets to GNOME2 (again)

Ole Laursen <olau hardworking dk> writes:


> This may sound harsh, but frankly I think the only reason the
> reference documentation situation isn't improved is that people here
> in Gnome land don't give it priority because there's no pressure to do
> so. Perhaps the improved GTK+ documentation is going to change that.

I partly regret having written this.

I do think that maintainers such as Mark are doing a fantastic job.
It's just so frustrating that we have all this exciting technology
that is made unnecessarily hard to use because the documentaion is
lacking or tucked in an obscure place in the CVS. If we are going to
take over the world, it is not because of the exciting technology. It
is because of all the great applications that are using the

So I'm gently trying to apply some pressure to the knowledgeable
hackers here. :-) Perhaps the Bugzilla would be a better place?

Ole Laursen

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