Re: About my problems with Metacity

 Malcolm Tredinnick wrote [on 04/06/03 11:40 +1000]:
> Santanu,
> In general, you probably want to post replies to the original list,
> rather than to me directly, since that increases your chances of
> somebody responding with useful information. That being said...

Sorry for that. I actually intended to post to the list, but had
not configured mutt for that. So...

> By default, you should be able to hold down <Alt> and then click
> anywhere on a window to drag it around. With recent GNOME versions (not
> sure exactly when this came in), you can configure the particular key to
> use in place of <Alt> -- it can be <Ctrl> or the windows key if you have
> one, from memory.

Yes, I always use this <Alt>+click-dragging combo for moving windows.
But even this failed to move any window part above the top edge.
Some apps like xcdroast and probably gnomedb (I have to check) produce
quite huge windows.

> Searching the metacity component for "wireframe" in the "description"
> field turned up the bug pretty quickly...

Thanks. I will look at it in a couple of minutes.

> So unless he can be convinced it is _really_
> necessary, it is not going to be added. I don't really have an opinion
> about this, but that's the way metacity is designed and maintained.

Not having 1000 options is nice thing, but some things we all expect
from any WM under Linux...
Anyway, I wrote an email to Havoc directly about this. Didn't seem
to have reached or convinced him ;)

Havoc, are you here? Any chance of wireframe ? Please..


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