About my problems with Metacity


I have been a GNOME fan for long. But since Metacity became the default WM
for GNOME 2.x, I am finding some things difficult to
do. Other than these, I love Metacity. It doesn't interfere with GNOME.

Following two things are really causing a lot of difficulty to me. It will be
very helpful if someone can please help me solve them:

(1.) I like to use a 800x600 screen on my 14'' monitor (some eye problems).
But with this resolution, some windows show up quite large, and when they are
not resizeable, and have their 'Apply' button off the screen, it becomes
impossible to click on them, since I am no longer able to move the window 
above the screen (though I can move them below)

(2.) Is there any chance that the wire frame window move/resize feature be
available under Metacity? When a number of windows are opened in my desktop,
the opaque window movement really looks VERY odd with a trail being left
behind (due to slow background redrawing)


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