Re: About my problems with Metacity

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 05:57, Santanu Chatterjee wrote:
> I have been a GNOME fan for long. But since Metacity became the default WM
> for GNOME 2.x, I am finding some things difficult to
> do. Other than these, I love Metacity. It doesn't interfere with GNOME.
> Following two things are really causing a lot of difficulty to me. It will be
> very helpful if someone can please help me solve them:
> (1.) I like to use a 800x600 screen on my 14'' monitor (some eye problems).
> But with this resolution, some windows show up quite large, and when they are
> not resizeable, and have their 'Apply' button off the screen, it becomes
> impossible to click on them, since I am no longer able to move the window 
> above the screen (though I can move them below)

This sounds like a bug in the particular applications that are creating
these windows. You should probably file bugs against those applications
individually for creating windows larger than your desktop size.

> (2.) Is there any chance that the wire frame window move/resize feature be
> available under Metacity? When a number of windows are opened in my desktop,
> the opaque window movement really looks VERY odd with a trail being left
> behind (due to slow background redrawing)

This has been discussed previously and was vetoed by the maintainer,
last I recall. There is a bug report about it somewhere, because it
affects some of Sun's systems. I have not looked in on that bug in a
while (querying in bugzilla for a bit should turn it up).


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