Running emac speak with gnome

Hello Gnome list:

My name is Daniel, and I am attempting to get Emacspeak to run witht Hnome
running on Redhat Linux 9.0.
I tried typing emacspeak, but relized that it wasn't installed, or if it was
it wasn't exsacuting.
I first logged in as a different user then as root. At the *%login prompt, I
typed in a root username/passoword and was logged-in.
At a terminal prompt, I typed in:
Nothing happened.
I had instructions to compile the files for emacspeak by doing:
Run a terminal, then at terminal prompt type:
cd /usr/shared/emacspeak make
Then they told me to edit something called a profile??? And put something
export dtk program outloud
Or something to that effect for the Via VoiceOutLoud TTS engeine.
I use a Braille'N'Speak, so I am wondering what else to do?

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