Re: Gnome 2.2 panel properties... or lack of access to same.

On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 19:19, kend xanoptix com wrote:
> Hello, all.  I recently upgraded from 1.4(?) to 2.2.  All's well, except
> for one minor, but exceedingly annoying, issue: I can't get at my panel
> properties.  "Well, right-click on an empty spot in your panel."  There
> aren't any.  "Delete a program."  It just resizes down.  "Click the hide
> buttons."  There aren't any.  "Well, put them in."  See #1.  Kinda
> fruitless, huh?
> How the $^!@(&!^# do I modify its properties??  Is there an option I can
> put in a text file somewhere to bring out the hide buttons or somesuch?
> Thanks,
> -Ken

your config seems to have got messed up a bit
to fix open up gconf-editor (should be under system,configuration

then go apps,panel,default,panels then click on appropriate panel to see
loads of tweakable settings

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