Re: Enhanced Gnome tools

On Fri, 2003-07-18 at 05:24, Paul Smith wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone else is working on variants of Gnome
> applications that try to put back some of the functionality that was
> removed.  As in Windows land you can go out and find lots of widgets and
> gadgets, not from Microsoft, that are more featureful versions of
> Windows desktop tools, is there anything like that going on with Gnome?
> I searched around for sites containing "Gnome add-ons" but didn't find
> anything.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of answers you get this (I
hope some people are working on add-ons, but I suspect the answer is
"not many").

Slightly apropos of this...

There is another potential group working under the radar a bit here,
too: people working to make GNOME a good developer platform so that
others can write the add-ons and alternative GNOME desktop collections,
etc. My main motivation for being in GNOME is to help move towards this
goal. It involves things like developer documentation (both API and
tutorial/example style), helping people with build problems, portability
concerns, explaining a11y, i18n, ... to developers who may not have
encountered them before, etc.

Unfortunately, the learning curve is still pretty long and not shallow,
but we are slowly levelling the road all the time.

My only reason for posting this is to point out that if people are
striking out in experimental (or previously well established but not
currently popular) directions, the support structure is there if they
look hard (and ask good questions).


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