Re: Problems with ksh93 and gnome-terminal

On Tue, 2003-07-01 at 08:45, Joe Kelsey wrote:
> I start gnome with gdm and allow the master gdm process to source all of 
> my .profile/.kshrc/etc scripts.  My gnome-terminal normally runs with 
> three open windows.
> I find that when I exit gnome, gnome-terminal exits but none of the 
> ksh93 processes exit.  They instead get inheirited by init.  This means 
> that after several days, I have *lots* of ksh processes hanging around 
> doing nothing.
> I do not want to use the login shell option to gnome-terminal as that 
> involves a lot of unnecessary overhead.  I think I need gnome-terminal 
> to send HUP to all subshells when it exits.  The ksh processes all start 
> up in their own process group, so they do not automatically receive any 
> signals from gnome-terminal.

How is the gnome-terminal meant to know which shells to send the signal
to? You cannot send a signal to every shell process that is running,
since that might kill shells that are not being run under the
control(sic) of gnome-terminal. There may be a solution to this, but I
cannot immediately see how you are intending to kill off shells without
causing collateral damage.


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