Re: Need Distro Recommendation

On Thursday 16 January 2003 09:50, Keith Powell wrote:

> > >
> > > Just as a matter of interest, if one replaces (say) a Red Hat distro of
> > > Linux, with a Debian one, what happens to all ones files on the drives?
> > > And particularly stuff like browser settings, Kmail folders and so on.
> > > Are they retained the same way as they are when upgrading from one
> > > RedHat version to a later one?
> > >
> > > cr
> >
> > Upgrading never works the way you want. Just backup your stuff, and
> > start fresh. Really. NO joke.
> Stephen is correct.
> I *never* upgrade from one version of a distro to another, let alone from
> one distro to a different one. I always back up my existing /home partition
> to a re-writeable CD and then do a clean install. It's by far the safest
> way, in my opinion.
> So I can't answer your question, sorry.
> Keith

Thank you both for the advice.   It sounds eminently sensible.

I've found in past upgrades that, yes, some things unexpectedly disappear or 
don't work any more.   OTOH the bugs, and the settings I really want to get 
rid of but can't, are usually faithfully copied to the new version   :-(


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