Re: Creating non-"default" keyboard shortcuts

Don Blackfoot <don potpie org> writes: 
> Basically, it's just the "Run command X with the key sequence that
> you're about to grab" functionality that I'm missing.  That and the
> "maximise window vertically toggle" of sawfish.
> Personally, I'd prefer to not have to take my hands off the keyboard to
> open up a new terminal (although I could go the long route and do an
> Alt-F2 and get it that way).  Just call me lazy, I suppose but it's just
> something I can't live without.
> Thanks for pointing me to gconf-editor.  I'll have to play with it more
> tomorrow, but I've tried modifying some of the global_keybindings where
> the name is "run_command_X", but it's not immediately clear how to
> assign commands to a series of key sequences.  Is it quite obvious or is
> it that I'm just too tired to see it?

There's one key for the binding (run_command_X), and then there are
other keys for the command to use for the binding - look up a level in
the gconf tree.


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