Re: Creating non-"default" keyboard shortcuts

On Sun, 2002-09-29 at 20:53, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Don Blackfoot <don potpie org> writes: 
> > Is there any way to assign key bindings or "shortcuts" that aren't in
> > the "GNOME default" list?  I've got a few that I just can't live without
> > so I'm presuming that users aren't locked in the select few actions
> > listed as default.  
> > 
> Which ones are you looking for specifically? For binding an arbitrary
> command to a key shortcut, there's no GUI for it yet, you have to use
> gconf-editor or gconftool for now. Look under /apps/metacity if using
> metacity.
> BTW, it's best to ask user questions on gnome-list gnome org, or the
> forums - desktop-devel-list is for
> discussion of hacking on gnome itself.

Thanks, Havoc -- I just saw the gnome-2-0-list has the description of
"Deprecated list, use desktop-devel-list", so that's where I went.  I've
replied to gnome-list gnome org this time around.

Basically, it's just the "Run command X with the key sequence that
you're about to grab" functionality that I'm missing.  That and the
"maximise window vertically toggle" of sawfish.

Personally, I'd prefer to not have to take my hands off the keyboard to
open up a new terminal (although I could go the long route and do an
Alt-F2 and get it that way).  Just call me lazy, I suppose but it's just
something I can't live without.

Thanks for pointing me to gconf-editor.  I'll have to play with it more
tomorrow, but I've tried modifying some of the global_keybindings where
the name is "run_command_X", but it's not immediately clear how to
assign commands to a series of key sequences.  Is it quite obvious or is
it that I'm just too tired to see it?

Thanks again for the reply,


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