Re: Gnome 2 Install. No luck in any way

On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 08:19:09PM +0300, dballester kernpharma com wrote:
>      Two weeks trying to install gnome 2.0.2 :(. Day by day, hour by hour I
> had tried to create srpms from tar.gz with no luck ( I prefer to have a
> consistent database about software installed in my system but...sigh),
> after i tried to use Garnome, with no luck too ( gnome-vfs needs libbz2 to
> compile, and no info in the web about what rpm can have this libs, only one
> note about Conectiva distro ).

You will need the bzip2, bzip2-libs and bzip2-devel packages for Red

>      Anybody can point me to the right direction? Having Suse and mandrake
> srpms pointed in the gnome web, why RedHat aren't? Is Red Hat who must make
> them, or is Gnome, or are contributors?

The various distributions make their own packages. In the past, we have
tried to have generic working spec files in each tarball, however they
have suffered some amount of bit rot recently, so I am not too surprised
that they do not build.

If you really want to install from rpms, then Ximian have GNOME 2
snapshots available via Red Carpet that work quite nicely with Red Hat
systems.  Red Hat's next release (8.0) contains GNOME 2 packages, so you
may wish to wait for that. Alternatively, somebody posted on one of the
GNOME lists that they had patches available for building 2.0 rpms.
However, I cannot find that mail from a bit of a Google search.

Finally, it would be nice if all your work so far did not go to waste.
If you can find time to file bug reports against those packages that did
not have their rpms build (at least those where you had built all the
pre-requisites correctly), that would be good. Assign them to me (my
bugzilla id is the same as my email address on this mail) and I will fix


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