Re: Trouble with gnome-terminal

On Sun, Sep 22, 2002 at 07:12:40AM -0500 or thereabouts, Erin Raasch wrote:
> When I start gnome (v. 1.4), my screen is littered with about a dozen 
> error message boxes, all reading the same message:  "There has been an 
> error while tyring to log in.  If the SHELL environment variable is 
> empty, or there is no specified in the passwd file for your user, one of 
> these problems need to be corrected for the to run."  Yes, it appears 
> there are a few key words missing, and no, it is not a typo.

Out of curiousity, once you have started Gnome, what does "printenv"
(assuming you are running bash) tell you? This will list most of
your environment variables.

Things like SHELL should certainly be listed in that. If they are
not there or are blank, you have something wrong with your environment
and that would narrow it down considerably.

> When I then open my .gnome/session file, it has about 10-12 entries for 
> gnome-terminal, as follows:

Look reasonable to me.

> 8,id=11c0a8000c000103261616600000004280019
> 8,Program=gnome-terminal
> 8,CurrentDirectory=/home/eraasch
> 8,DiscardCommand=rm /home/eraasch/.gnome//gnome-terminal-x3bX9r/
> 8,CloneCommand=gnome-terminal --sm-config-prefix /gnome-terminal-x3bX9r/
> 8,RestartCommand=gnome-terminal --sm-config-prefix 
> /gnome-terminal-x3bX9r/ --sm-client-id 
> 11c0a8000c000103261616600000004280019
> 8,Environment=GNOME_DESKTOP_ICON /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-terminal.png
> There are also a corresponding number of gnome-termial files in .gnome/ 
> which read like this:

Look great, except that clearly this:
> scrollpos=right

is an oversight as obviously all scrollbars should be on the left :) 

Seriously, this file should alter as you alter things through 
the gnome-terminal preferences dialogue. You -can- edit the file,
but it's not recommended. I got myself into glorious trouble
editing the file on the misguided assumption that I knew what
I was doing.

> I really like the gnome desktop, but I seem to be cursed with problems 
> no matter where I go.  Can anyone help with this?

It may take a while, but I bet people can. 


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